Deborah Brooks

Deborah is 26 years old and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

​On July 12, 1988 in Staten Island, New York, a daughter was born to Thomas and Deborah Brooks. Two years prior, the couple produced a unique individual and called her Amanda. The way the story goes, Amanda was named by her mother and it was agreed that for round two, Thomas would choose the next child’s name. He decided to call her Deborah, after her mother, and aside from the occasional confusions at home, she was always the only child with that name, which suited her well.

She and her sister Amanda moved around a bit, taking turns living with a variety of family members in a few different states. When Deb was 11, she moved to New Jersey with her mother. She remained there until she graduated from Roxbury High a School.

​It was there she met Gabby and the two have been close friends ever since. Deborah attended Saint John’s University and supported herself while waiting tables in and around the NYC area, mostly at Caroline’s Comedy Club and Croxley Ale House.

In 2010 Deb received BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She completed her graduate studies in 2012 with an MA in Speech-Language Pathology. Soon after, Deb began her career working with children and adults with speech, language, communication, feeding and swallowing disorders.

She relies on good friends (like Gabby) and nachos, to facilitate the transition from after hours to happy hours, job to career, house parties to dinner parties, and adjusting to life as a single 26 year old in the Big Bad Apple.

The only thing she loves more than nachos, is puppies.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she is the middle sister without the syndrome. Gabby has a fun-loving lunatic personality which makes her a joy to be around. She loves to travel and she is always down for fun. Gabby initially comes off shy and quiet but is nothing of the sort. She enjoys the colors green and yellow and her favorite activities include pouncing on bouncers in bars and skeeball.

Gabby and Deb have been friends for over a decade. Gabby spent many years cheating Deb out of Monopoly money and convincing her to do mischievous things. 

Gabby graduated from Bloomsburg University. It was then Gabby’s lifelong dream had come true: She got a puppy! At that time she also began her career at Kipling (I know she runs the website but I’m not sure of the exact details but she didn’t write this bio like I told her to so I’m just doing the best I can).

All in all, Gabby is an awesome human being who brings more to the table than just nachos.